Tuesday, August 24, 2010

" Fin " tastic Inspiration

I've been gathering ideas for a shark themed birthday party for my son's birthday party coming up this winter. Since Connor and Parker's birthdays are not only right in the middle of the holidays ( Connor's is Christmas Day ) but also close together I've decided to do a combined party this year. It truly simplifies things for me and since Parker is still little he won't know the difference :). Connor is crazy about sharks so we have chosen that as our theme. I've settled on a light ocean blue, red, and gray color palette. I've got some great ideas going in my little head and can't wait to get them going. Send any "fin" tastic inspiration you might have or see my way!

Life preserver { Fotolia } Cupcakes { Hello Cupcake } Straw labels { Beaded Ink }

Favor boxes{ Polka Dots and Pirates }

Shark shirt { Kohls } Rain boots { Piperlime } Shark sign { Signs }

Cupcake topper { The Birthday House }

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