Monday, November 8, 2010

{ Baby Shower Monday } Baby Face Cupcakes

For your next baby shower how about making these cute little babies from Wilton ?!! Here are their step by step DIY instructions. You can check out more baby shower cupcake ideas from Wilton here. Have a great Monday!!


Step 1
Bake cupcakes in White Standard Baking Cups and cool completely on Cooling Grid.

Step 2
Prepare Buttercream Icing recipe and tint with Copper (Light Skintone) Icing Color. Ice cupcakes smooth with skintone icing using Spatula

Step 3
Melt Yellow and Light Cocoa Candy Melts as directed on package. Fill two Disposable Decorating Bags with each of the melted Candy Melts

Step 4
For pacifier, pipe 1 1/4 x 1 1/8 inch ovals with melted Yellow Candy Mets on Non-Stick Parchment Paper. Refrigerate until firm, then peel off parchment and attach yellow hollow-center candy to base with additional melted Candy Melts. Return to refrigerator until set

Step 5
For hair, pipe melted Light Cocoa Candy Melt curls on Non-Stick Parchment Paper. Refrigerate until set; peel off and insert end into top of cupcake

Step 6
For eyes and mouth, pipe melted Light Cocoa Candy Melts onto cupcake. For nose, pipe skintone icing dot with Round Decorating Tip 2.

Step 7
Position pacifier onto cupcake

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