Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bone Chilling Cemetery

I have an obsession with outdoor Halloween decorations. I love them!! Someday when my kids are older I would love to do a haunted yard with elaborate props. For now it's pumpkins and spiders around our house :) Here are some great ideas from Better Homes and Gardens on how to transform your yard into a bone chilling cemetery. One of many great tips from BHG is to dress up fake plastic skeletons with items found from bargain racks or at thrift stores. They made their own headstones, but you could easily adapt inexpensive foam headstones purchased at Wal Mart or even the Dollar Store. All you need is black paint and some clever verbiage.

Here are some tongue and cheek headstone names my family and I came up with :

Ben Gone

Anita Shovel

Ivanna Comeback

Barry A. Live

Dee Ceased Our beloved Mummy

Butch Erd

Bea Headed

Paul Bearer

Will Beeback

Ms. Terey

Rick R. Mortis

Frank N. Stein

Al B. Back
p.s. after we spent the weekend texting back and forth and laughing at each other's headstone names my mom informed me you can look up funny headstone names on the internet...go figure!

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