Thursday, July 1, 2010

Southern Weddings Daily Blog

I love when I come across a new blog. Well, new to me anyways :) I found The Southern Weddings Daily Blog yesterday. It is a daily blog from the editors of Southern Bride magazine. Holy eye candy!!! You won't believe the beauty that exists on this blog. And forget being for just the south, anyone could use the great inspiration this blog provides.
While I am particularly partial to kids parties, I have to tell ya I LOVE weddings. I do ;) no pun intended. I think it is because there are so many ways to add detail and I love detail! I have never been to the south but by the looks of it I need to go! Apparently the terms southern charm and southern hospitality flood right into their weddings. I only got through the 7th page on their blog and there is 150 pages! Get yourself a glass of sweet tea in a mason jar, check out their blog and get ready for some darling inspiration!! { you can click on the pictures to enlarge them }

I love the galvanized Lemonade dispenser. Perfect for an outdoor wedding, especially if the venue is a farm.

The flowers floating in the pool, the chandelier, soft lavender linens, mason jars hanging in the trees. I'm twitterpated!

Do you love what they used the old window for? Instead of having seating cards the wrote the guests table #'s on the window and hung it from a tree!!

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