Monday, July 19, 2010

Outdoor Spaces for Children

I love well designed children's room's but I think it is equally important for children to have outdoor play spaces as well.The detail's in these are too cute! And, can I just tell you playhouses and forts have come a loooong way since my brother's and I were little. We had to use our imagination and get creative. The bushes and rocks behind our house served us well! Thank goodness for our dad's construction skills!

Rustic Clubhouse { elegant playhouses }

DIY Firehouse with loft pictured below $1433 { better playhouses }

DIY Cottage playhouse $1735 { cottage kits }

Knights Castle $ 6999 { lilliputplayhomes }

Belle bungalow { Barbara Butler }

Even just putting up a tent in the back yard is fun and exciting for kids and it gets them out of the house which is good for us and them!

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  1. those houses are SO cool! I wish we had a back yard big enough


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