Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Fairy Garden Party { minus the garden }

My niece Amaya came out to visit from Minnesota last month and while she was here my mom and I hosted a 3rd birthday party for her. After a little contemplating...ok really it was more of a nano second, we decided we LOVED Kate's fairy garden party from the Tomkat Studio
The colors, the tutu's, the wings. Perfection on Kim's part. If you are new to the blogging world you must check out the Tomkat Studio. It really should come with some kind of addiction warning label though ;).

We were so excited to give Amaya a party out here in sunny California away from the frozen tundra of northern Minnesota, but as luck would have it the weekend of Amaya's party we had a blizzard. Snow, rain, and wind!! We were forced to move the party from my parents yard to our game room. It was still a great party and most importantly Amaya had the BEST time.

In an effort to keep our budget down I made the invites with supplies I already had. You can however purchase the print your own fairy garden accessories from Tomkat Studio on etsy, which are of course darling.

I purchased the wings from Halo Heaven and added flowers purchased from the Dollar Store. I made each of the little girls a no sew tutu using the tutorial from the TomKat Studio. They were really easy and beyond cute.

The butterflies on a stick came from Century Novelty. They have a great selection of party supplies and their prices are fabulous.

For the kids table centerpiece I made letter's out of scrapbook paper and attached them to wooden dowels inserted into a block of floral foam. I wrapped the floral foam in ribbon and topped it off with the rest of my Dollar Store flowers.

The pictures of the dessert table do not do it justice. It was adorable. Even though we had good lighting it photographed dark (I'm sure it had nothing to do with my impeccable photography skills ;) ) I made cotton candy cones and yummy cake pops. My mom made the precious cake. I wish I could show you the close up pictures, but they are even worse!

The topper was another Tomkat inspiration.

The kids caught tissue paper butterflies with nets I purchased at the Dollar Store. I had seen this idea on bothTomkat and Bella Grace Designs. This was by far the kids favorite part!

You can see what the boys ended up doing with them.

The birthday girl in her tutu and wings.

As always a big thank you to my parents and my wonderful husband. Also, thank you to my cousin Megan for painting the kids faces.


  1. Amaya's birtday was absolutely adorable. The colors were beautiful!! The children loved the face painting,and,the butterfly game had to be repeated over and over. Children and adults had so much fun! Aunt Tracy did a wonderful job!! Amaya LOVED it.

  2. What a GREAT idea to catch tissue butterflies! May I ask how you got them to fall or fly?

  3. The party looks really entertaining.

  4. Garden parties are my favorite! Last week my husband gave a surprise party to me in an event space Chicago which had a pool and a huge lawn. It is also the best place for a kid’s birthday celebration because they need space for activities.


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