Monday, July 12, 2010

Simple Summer Afternoon

Last week I took my boys to visit my mom's parents a.k.a Nana and Papa. My Nana and Papa have lived in their house for over 50 years! My mom grew up there with her 6 brothers and sisters. It was also a second home to 21 grandchildren. Nana's house is warm, comfortable, and inviting. It makes my heart happy to see my two boys enjoying it and running around barefoot with their cousins in the same yard we used to run around in.
Before we headed to Nana's we stopped by Wal Mart for $1 bubbles, water balloons, and sidewalk chalk . And since I knew Nana would have ice cream, I took with us some waffle cones Connor and I dipped in chocolate melts left over from Shelly's baby shower. Nothing elaborate, nothing expensive, just a simple summer afternoon! The kids couldn't have been happier.
{In a side note...water balloons are like crack to my kids!}

This is my Nana. Isn't she cute!

Have a great Monday! Tracy

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