Friday, July 30, 2010

Archer's Nursery

I'm thrilled to finally be sharing with you the nursery my friend Shelly designed for her son Archer. She did an amazing job and it is gorgeous! Her inspiration for colors came from this room here, then she bought two wooden owls from the hospital gift shop and the owl theme was born. Over the next few weeks she searched Etsy shops for just the right wall accents and additional touches . Shelly put so much love and thought into Archer's room. I wish you all could see it in person because the colors are amazing and my pictures don't quite do it justice.

Below his name it reads... For this child I prayed and the lord answered my prayer. Samuel 1:27

The owls from the hospital gift shop. The vintage nursery blocks her mother in law found in an antique store in New York { i love them! }

The crib bedding is Latte by Glenna Jean

The numerical canvas wall hangings were painted by a friend of her mom's. She did an awesome job.

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